Whenever I have to do something multiple times, there's always a voice in my head trying to optimize everything and remove the repeatitivenss of a task.

Ouimiam is a family project helping me to make a shopping list just by selecting the recipes I want to cook during the week. The goal was to remove the manual calculation of ingredients everytime we wanted to make provisions.

To be honest, the project is basically working but could be improved by a lot, the website is just a prototype.

I'm still happy about it because I have a list of recipes I like and it generates the shopping list accordingly.

But there's room for improvement, like being more precise about the quantity of each ingredient. And the UX is quite bad in my opinion.

On the technical side, the project is running with Api Platform but ironically, I'm not using the API at all. That's because my plan was to make a mobile app at some point, maybe later ?






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