I wanted to take this opportunity of making my portfolio to use some tools. Some of them are familiar to me like Docker and others are new like Brunch.

This portfolio is using Silex as a micro-PHP framework. It's useful for small project because I can handle every component I need instead of implementing directly something bigger like Symfony2.

I wanted to give a try to Caddy server instead of using Nginx. It's a single file server binary with a conf file. Very easy to use and straightforward, perfect for small projects.

Brunch is a tool I use to compile/optimize assets (a gulp-like). Never tried before, but nothing difficult here.

Everything is Dockerized to be able to deploy every change easily on my server.
I can manage a dev environment and a production one simply by playing with docker-compose.yml.

With the help of Docker, docker-compose and Caddy it's now easy for my to add a new project with a new domain on my server beside this portfolio.





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